I hate flying but I love to Travel

Headed to Ghana. The flight from Arkansas to Accra is a grueling 22 hours, and then once I get to Accra I will take another flight to Kumasi.

I have traveled all over the US plus Ireland, St.Maartin, Italy, and Spain but I feel as though none of my travels have prepared me for this trip to Africa. Not only is the culture completely different than any other place I’ve visited, but I will be living and making work for the entire semester. Its exciting for me not knowing how this experience will enhance my artistic practice and how it will effect me personally.

I do have some goals and outcomes for this semester. One of which is to curate a show with the work from my students at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. This is a great opportunity for me to push my self outside of my comfort zone and extend my talents beyond my personal practice.

Finally my last few thoughts before I get on the plane is that despite my excitement and anxiousness to get to Kumasi and focus on my work I will miss Rob and Banjo. I know this is a great opportunity and will likely strengthen our relationship plus help further my professional goals but I know will miss them everyday.